A big thanks to all our sponsors!

06 May 21:31|

Teams with their awards







06 May 21:25|

x12 results are here!

Team WhySoCirrus – For Best Overall Solution, Value Proposition and Sales Pitch

Team SilverLining – For Scalability/Maximizing Salesforce Knowledge and Solution

Team StratuSphere – For Well Thought Out Roadmap and Customer Centricity

Team StealTheThunder – For Ease of Use with Clarity in Pitch

Team Monsooners – For Extending the Power of the Platform

Team RainMakers – For Smart Integration with Wearable Devices

06 May 20:28|

Our youngest crew member showing enthusiasm at x12

06 May 20:22|

Judges evaluating the final solutions







06 May 19:10|

Crew in action! Bringing you live feeds

06 May 19:09|

Our ‘Star’ support – The SysAdmin team

06 May 18:29|

WhySoCirrus – Serious work going on!

06 May 17:52|

StratuSphere on Cloud 9!

06 May 17:31|

StealTheThunder trying to ‘Steal the show’ as well

06 May 17:22|

3… 2…1… Over n’ Out!

06 May 17:00|

Participants’ candid comments


Sandesh and Anish

Q. How did you like the food?

The food was amazing and we loved it. We hogged on the Rasmalai which was delicious and that has made us a bit drowsy. I suggest that Extentia serves less tasty food next time.



Q. How did the lifeline help you?

The lifeline (Abdi) was very helpful to integrate the QR scanner with the application. His expertise helped us to get through that seamlessly. Thanks to Abdi for being the life-saver.



Q. Were there technical difficulties that you had to overcome during implementation?

We did have some issues while we were trying to integrate HTML into the Salesforce platform. There were certain compatibility issues that had to be dealt with. This got us a bit worried. Fortunately, we are back on track.


Shraddha and Manoj

Q. What was the one thing that your mentor emphasized?

We consulted two mentors. One of them was focused mainly on the business while the other was more inclined towards the revenue model. He kept saying two things:

1. How much are we making?

2. What’s in it for me?

This got us seriously thinking about the pitch and the revenue model.



Q. Did you face any challenges in building the product?

We are short on developers and that is actually taking a toll on us. But we are pooling in our skills and trying to overcome this hurdle.

2. What’s in it for me?

This got us seriously thinking about the pitch and the revenue model.



Q. Have you tested the solution yet?

The aim is not to test the system end to end. We are not focusing on testing every use case possible but rather to get the basic flow of the solution working. We are in good shape and I am confident that we can complete testing the system before time. This got us seriously thinking about the pitch and the revenue model.

06 May 16:50|

Different Strokes!

06 May 16:32|

Every cloud has a silver lining. And, so do they!

06 May 16:25|

The RainMakers look very confident. Let’s see what their captain has to say!

06 May 16:08|

The clock is ticking. An hour to go!

06 May 16:00|

Find out how the Monsooners have been doing

06 May 15:53|

Some serious mentoring going on

06 May 15:30|

Two hours to go!

Will the teams deliver under pressure?

06 May 15:00|

Food for thought

Hungry x12 participants taking a break to resume the hackathon.

06 May 14:00|

The x12 360 degree video

Note: Use the arrow buttons in the top left corner of the video for a 360 degree view.

06 May 13:17|

Meet the folks who keep the participants energized

We had a quick word with the housekeeping staff to know how they were keeping the participants refreshed. The energy and enthusiasm with which they cater to everyone’s need is admirable. Hats-off to their gusto!

06 May 12:59|

Participants getting mentored by industry experts

06 May 12:51|

Meet the x12 Crew – People who bring you the live feed

06 May 12:40|

From the desk of SysAdmin

06 May 12:00|

The x12 participants engrossed in coding

06 May 11:03|

Focused on planning!

Plans are nothing; planning is everything.

06 May 10:59|

All Smiles at x12!

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. Keep smiling and make awesome things happen!

06 May 10:33|

Techquarium devices – Choices made!



MONSOONERS – Cardboard

STEALTHETHUNDER – Android and Chromecast

STRATUSPHERE – Microsoft Band


The teams have fished around the Techquarium of gadgets and have zeroed in on the device of their choice.

06 May 10:25|

Need a lifeline? Talk to Abdi

For those of you who do not know Abdi, he is an expert in mobile technology. The teams are free to consult him for solution advice.

06 May 09:50|

Teams, your time starts now!

06 May 09:15|

Eight hours of coding begins now!

06 May 09:00|

Teams Get Ready!

06 May 08:55|

Starting the day with some prep talk

06 May 08:45|

Collecting energy to kick-off!

All six teams are excited to start! Everyone seems to be ready for the challenging day ahead.

06 May 08:13|

x12 Challenge Statements revealed to the teams

05 May 19:08|

The Force is even stronger now!

More star-power added to “Star”Force. We welcome Suhas and Manish to the “Star”Force Team.

05 May 18:40|

Deep in thought

When you are going to solve huge problems with technology in just 12 hours, it certainly demands some serious thinking and planning

05 May 18:22|

Ready… Set… Go… Brainstorm!







The enthusiasm among the teams is overwhelming. They have already started brainstorming solutions for their challenge statements.

05 May 17:05|

The wait is finally over. The challenge statements for the ultimate 12-hour Hackathon are out!

05 May 16:49|

Excited teams waiting for the challenge statements


I am super excited about the event. This is my first experience being part of a Hackathon. We have tentatively done the task allocation so that we don’t waste much time tomorrow. We plan to utilize the entire 8 hours effectively to get the best solution.


Initially I was a part of the x12 Crew, however, now I am participating in the Hackathon. We plan to focus more on the presentation part. I’ll be helping the team with documentation. This is going to be a unique and wonderful experience for me.


Our motto is to keep the solution simple, yet functional. We are getting to know the team members and their area of expertise so that we could utilize each one’s skills effectively.

05 May 13:20|

Quick overview of today – x12 Curtain Raiser

Check out the video to find out what happened at the x12 Curtain Raiser today.

04 May 18:54|

A glance at the teams of x12!







These are the teams competing at x12 on May 6th. Good luck to you all!

04 May 18:22|

Introduction to x12

Binu and Naazneen briefing the participants about x12

04 May 18:00|

Meet the “Star”Force for x12 ☺

04 May 16:03|

x12 Curtain Raiser!

Gearing up for the launch!

04 May 15:11|

Pearls of wisdom from our Cloud Guardians

All prepped for the hackathon? Here are a few more tips!

  1. Polish your HEROKU skills right away.
  2. Code smartly by automating Salesforce one click at a time – learn how to here.
  3. Google Maps – become a pro at using this.
  4. Lightning basics – be sure to learn it before it strikes you!
  5. Calling all project managers – a goal without a plan is just a wish. Plan effectively. Think change and achieve – learn more right here.
  6. Saleforce1 –  Of course, try to think mobile at x12 for Salesforce®.
03 May 19:12|

Behind the scenes at x12 Salesforce®

Our support crew, IT Team and admin staff planning to ensure that x12 runs through smoothly for our participants.

03 May 18:13|

SysAdmin team gearing up for x12!

1. Would you like to share some thoughts on x12?

We started conducting such events since last year. It was something new for the systems team to support events like X24. We had some challenges then, however, we learnt many things from the event. Now with our experience of X24, we are better prepared and confident of x12. We are sure that our team will manage it successfully.

 2. How is x12 different from X24?

I think X24 was more challenging because we had to support multiple technology/platform. In x12 we will be using Salesforce as a platform, so now it is easier for us to manage the infrastructure.

 3. How’s the preparation going on?

We are going as per our plan, and we’ll be setting up machines for the participants tomorrow.

03 May 17:23|

Here’s what our Admin team has to share regarding the preparations of x12!

Rahul Dhongadi

1. How are the preparations going on?

Preparations are going on well.

All the admin team members are enthusiastic and working on their tasks.

 2. Any challenges that you are facing during the preparations?

There are no challenges as of now. We’re getting prepared to avoid minor issues too.

3. What is the motivating factor that will keep your team going on for 12 hours?

Excitement is the biggest motivation that will keep us going .

4. Will your team be working in shifts?

No.  We all will be working together throughout the event.

“I am sure we’ll make it happen and I am confident that the team will manage the event very well. “

03 May 13:57|

We asked some Extentians this question and got some interesting answers. Here’s a quick glance at what they had to say!

Umeed Kothavala

Fortunately, I do have some of the top tech teams at my disposal for 12 hours! I would ask them to build solutions that solve problems, that make life easier and more efficient, so as users and humans, we can improve the quality of our lives and have more time available to do what’s important to us. Ultimately technology is a tool – if we’re not using it to enhance our lives then we’re slaves to it. And the finest tech team in the world would be expected to arrive at a solution more quickly, more magically and more effectively than any other.

Chetan Shetty

I would build better ways for the citizens to talk to civic authorities. I am talking about building solutions that could make urban living better. The problems of big cities are not just in India, it is becoming a problem all over the world. I believe technology could be the answer to this.

03 May 13:22|

Pre-planning sessions for Extentia’s x12 Salesforce Hackathon event

x12 is a day-long hackathon at Extentia exclusively for Salesforce®. A follow up to our hugely successful x24 event last year. The goal is to develop and demonstrate working Salesforce apps that address real-world problems. All this within 12 hours!

02 May 18:42|

Deep in discussions over challenge statements ?

02 May 18:13|

The x12 Teaser

x12 for Salesforce® is coming very soon! Awesome things are going to happen at our hackathon. Take a look at this video, and watch this space for more!

02 May 17:15|